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Unlock the Potential of Collaborative Excellence with Sedar Kuwait

Are you an influencer in the world of architecture, interior design, smart home solution, or just someone who enjoys working with a quality brand? Do you want to take your content to the next level by partnering with a leading regional franchise specializing in windows, curtains, and smart window solutions? If so, keep reading.

About Sedar

Seadar Kuwait, is the local branch in a regional Window design and smart home solution on Kuwait. Owned by WinX – a member of Businsess Machine Company.

Sedar Kuwait is known for its made-to-size curtain solutions from the extra classic to the ultra modern. We produce all orders in our regional Dubai manufacturing facility with cutting-edge technology able to deliver an entire project within a 20 days. We have a huge selection of over 2000 samples at our retail Store in AL- Tilal Complex, As well as  automated and motorized curtain solutions all in one place. Sedar Kuwait production capacity is very powerful for all sorts of projects, from a small apartment to a huge hotel, hospitals, and government building.

Our client list is consistently growing.

Why Collaborate with Us?

We are a strong brand with a long standing history (over 100 years, to be specific). We believe that our products transforms living spaces. Our focus on innovation, quality, and aesthetics has made us a trusted name in the industry. By partnering with us, you not only gain access to top-notch window solutions but also the exposure to a range of exclusive benefits.


Customized Solutions for Your Clients

We understand the value of your unique style and your connection with your audience. That’s why we offer a customized solution for your clients. Choose from a range of services, and let us tailor them to your specific requirements.

Content Ideas that Inspire

As a Sedar influencer, you’ll have the opportunity to create content about our services. We’ll provide you with a variety of  ideas, including:

  1. Showcase Sedar retail service store: Cover the VIP design lounge. Meet our experienced style team. Create a 3D design for your client.
  2. Makeovers: Share your journey transforming a space using our services. We can offer either a deep discount or a free service, or a gift-voucher.
  3. Smart Home/window solutions Demonstrations and workshops: Display the smart solutions that Sedar Kuwait offers in the “Somfy” room at the retail store
  4. Testimonials and Review: Offer authentic insights into the quality and functionality of our products using your own style and voice.
  5. We are open to exploring your own ideas and directions as you see fit to your audience.

Exposure and Collaboration

Partnering with Sedar Kuwait opens doors to increased exposure because we are a regional brand. We’ll collaborate on showcasing your content on our platforms, reaching a wider audience, and potentially growing your following.

Your Benefit

In exchange for your content, you’ll receive a customized solution to enhance your own living space. Your community will also get a reward for mentioning your name or coming as a referral. We will create a special page for you on our website to promote the deal we agree on. 


Join Us Today!

If you’re excited about partnering with a Regional Leader, elevating your content, growing your influence, and giving your clients the best service with a strong brand, partner with Sedar Kuwait, and together, we’ll create spaces that tell remarkable stories.


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