Leap V2 with Headrest (Black)

Leap V2 with Headrest (Black)

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Leap is an ergonomic office chair that lets you dial in a precise fit in all the places you need it most. It’s highly intuitive and you’ll love the way the seat glides back and forth as you recline, keeping you connected to your work. Leap owns a reputation as our most adjustable chair, providing customizable support whatever your body shape or style of work. It’s also a proven productivity booster. In an independent health and productivity study, we saw a 17.8% increase in productivity for one group after a year.

The leap chair listed here is all black with a headrest (as shown in the pictures)


  • Height46 – 54″
  • Width27″
  • Depth21.75 – 24.75″
  • Seat Height22 – 30″

Product Information

  • Warranty: Lifetime 

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